Episode 5 City Beach

Sasha deBretton, Perth’s Property Princess and CEO of Million Dollar Makeovers in Claremont, Western Australia creates a dream home in under 2 weeks! That’s not the long-winded 12 months to 2 years it usually takes to perform a luxury renovation, but just 2 short weeks – in fact it is accomplished in only 11 days!

Million Dollar Makeovers are an award winning renovation and Design company that has turned the building industry upside down with their innovative, uncompromising and fast renovation systems.

Sasha’s bachelor client lives the champagne lifestyle at City Beach, a beachside suburb of Perth in Western Australia. He will stay on his yacht while Sasha and her expert designer Dhavid perform an amazing, million dollar luxury makeover in the time it takes her client to have a glorious holiday!

Bachelor Pad Design Principles – Numerology and Fung Shui

Dhavid provides a male perspective on the design of the bachelor pad and offer his expertise on two major aspects of this project – numerology (the number of the house is important) and Fung Shui (the placement of furniture and the colours of the interior design).

From Drabulous to Fabulous!

The client wants a traditional feel to his home so the lounge retains the large wooden shelving, which surrounds the unused fireplace, and spans the room. A large flat screen TV will be mounted within the old fireplace alcove. A feature wall behind the fireplace will have striped chocolate wallpaper, to give both a masculine and traditional feel which will flow well with the design of the kitchen.

Sasha has chosen darker colours for the kitchen and the bench tops which will have a wood grain diamond gloss finish rather than expensive stone. This product gives a million dollar look and the ‘WOW’ factor but without the Million Dollar cost.

To create the master suite a wall is removed to double the size of the space so that a lounge and study area can be included in the design. For Feng Shui, the study needs to be at the opposite end of the room to the bed. The study has a funky, retro feature wall with slick, dark, masculine office furniture.

Million Dollar Field Research

The client’s star sign is Capricorn, so Sasha and Dhavid go searching for design ideas – they visit Wall Candy (Sasha’s favourite wall paper store), the Court Hotel and and Fire and Eyes (a furniture store). They find all the colour schemes and interior designs are male colours – blue, charcoal, black and silver with a touch of red – which are also Capricorn’s colours!

Completion in 11 Days!

This Million Dollar Makeover is completed in just 11 days! The client is amazed and delighted at the high-end design features and the masculine yet glamorous furnishings.

Sasha explains that accessorising is the key to adding massive value to a property. It is also important to also include a furniture budget in your renovation costs as the colour scheme, new furniture and interior design all need to flow together and give a sleek, natural feel to the property.

As an extra renovation, the front fascia of the house was repainted and has helped to increase the value of the property. So using the Million Dollar Makeover’s fast, quality renovation system this dated 70’s style home has been reinvigorated and given a new lease on life. All it needed was an expert interior design team to create a high-end ‘WOW’ feel without the high-end budget!

The value of this property has increased from $2 million to $2.5 million – that is an increase of $500,000 in just 11 days! That’s a fast, quality renovation!

The Million Dollar Makeover team has won many awards for their high-end transformations and if you want to learn more, visit their website at http://milliondollarmakeovers.com.au/